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Neskowin Valley School began as a preschool in 1973 with many of our earliest students still maintaining contact with the school today. Our alumni often describe NVS as one of their most influential environments, a place that shaped their early years and helped them become the adults they are today. Professionally, NVS alumni pursue dynamic careers and grow up to be influential members of their communities. We are proud to now have 2nd generation NVS students attending our school!

The NVS Alumni Community is a low-pressure opportunity to reconnect with old classmates, and even build new relationships. The NVS Alumni Community will have inside access to special alumni events on campus, as well as opportunities to become involved with NVS. 2022 is a very special year for NVS as it marks the 50th year of operation as we are striving to reach as many former students and families to help them celebrate our collective achievements while looking forward to the possibilities the next fifty years may bring!

Did you attend NVS?



We look forward to connecting with you!

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Here is what they have to say about their time at Neskowin Valley School:

“[NVS] taught me to be unique and independent and to be who you are and enjoy the people around you and the nature around you and to express yourself in the way you were meant to.” 

Dana Reddekopp Hulburt, Alum


“I only attended NVS for 4 years, but really feel that the foundation I received during those years helped to foster my interests in subjects and hobbies that later became very important in my life. Early exposure to French paved the way to a degree in French Studies from the UO. Learning about pinhole cameras and the darkroom sparked a lifelong love of and career in photography. A yearly storyline surrounding a different culture nurtured my love of lives and believe-systems different from my own and a deep desire to see the world. And I can still remember how to fold an origami crane after helping fold 1000 to hang from the roof!”

Marissa Chappell Hossick, Alum


“There were endless beautiful moments at NVS I could recount but one memory in particular sums it all up: I was 11 or 12 and I had a friend over for the night. I ended up with a pretty bad cold and the next day my parents decided I was too sick to go to school. They still had to drive [my friend] to meet carpool, though, and I got caught trying to sneak into the trunk of the car so that I could go to school.  NVS wasn’t school, at least for me, it was a playground. Sure, I learned multiplication tables and biology but none of that really matters. What I took with from my experience at NVS was a love of discovery, which makes learning effortless.”

IAN, Alum


“Neskowin Valley School instilled within me a desire to learn. This alone has undoubtedly served me better than anything else learned in grade school. To grow up wanting to learn, thirsting for knowledge, and having fun learning is what grade school is and should be all about.”

Darren Kowalski, Alum


“I’ve always felt that the best thing, besides college, I could have done for my child and wish every child could have the experiences of attending a school like NVS.”

Verna Baker, former NVS parent



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