Campaign for the Future

With 40 years of excellence and tradiiton behind us, we are excited about the future of NVS. Our school started with a vision and purpose of providing a unique, place based education model for children living on the Oregon Coast. We continue to pursue that vision by offering art and science curriculum specific to our local surroundings, equiping our students with curriculum that not only teaches but encourages exploratory learning, and by being a safe, nuturing place for children to ask questions, explore answers, and develop intelluctual curiousity. 


As a non-profit we rely on individuals and foundations to help support and sustain our vision.

Would consider partnering with us as we plan for our future? Every dollar raised directly supports our students and make a difference in the lives of the students we serve.


Neskowin Valley School has an ongoing passion to fund a thriving art program. Each year we raise funds that provide our students with a rich and invigorating introduction to art and artists. In order to continue this program, we urge you to consider donating specifically to our Art Fund. These funds directly benefit our students; providing them with opportunities to visit local galleries and learn from local artists. 

The NVS Ithaka Fund allows us to offer a variety of on and off campus educational enrichment opportunities.  This fund supports our mission to provide place-based, individualized education to our students; providing the needed funds to welcome special teachers and organize specialized classes. In 2014 this fund provided horseback riding lessons for each class, handbell choir instruction for the Voyagers classroom, and swim lessons for each NVS student. 

Join our commitment to providing fresh, relevant curriculum to our students. 100% of your donation will fund curriculum materials and programs that directly support each of our students in a profound way.  Most recently, funds raised for our curriculum have provided our students with a new Singapore Math curriculum as well as an online math enrichment program that allows our students, teachers, and parents to regularly assess student progress.

* Neskowin Valley School is a 501c3 Non-Profit, all gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  Tax ID # 23-7207991.