Neskowin Valley School enrolls children of diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents. Because we believe a child thrives in a well-chosen learning environment, our admissions process gives time for the school, parents and student to get to know each other. We consider the child’s learning style, academic interest and needs, and look for qualities that suggest a good fit with our learning-teaching philosophy.


NVS seeks students who exhibit intellectual and creative potential and demonstrate a growing skill for self-directed learning and working harmoniously with others. Admission is granted on the basis of the school’s ability to enhance the growth of the child and the child’s ability to enrich the school community.

Neskowin Valley School follows all required protocols set forth by the Oregon Health Authority
with regards to immunization requirements for students enrolled in elementary school. By law, all students must have an immunization record on file. Non-medical exemptions are acceptable if the parent/guardian has followed the proper exemption requirements as outlined on the Oregon Health Authority website. More information about the immunization requirements in Oregon can be found here
A new requirement in 2016 (Senate Bill 895 and Oregon Administrative Rules 333-050-0010 through 0140) requires schools and children's facilities to share immunization and exemption rates in three ways:
1. On the facility's website,
2. In the main office, and
3. By sending a paper or electronic copy to parents twice a year.
Click on the links provided below to download a graph of the current immunization rates for Neskowin Valley School and Tillamook County. These copies are also available at the school office. Electronic copies will be emailed to all parents annually in September and May. 

Immunization Graphs


Please contact the school office with any questions by emailing or calling 503.392.3124.

Tillamook County Vaccination Rates.png
NVS Vaccination Rate 2022.png