Meet our Staff

Our teachers are the heart of Neskowin Valley School. They are imaginative professionals who use their expertise to guide each child to enjoy learning and achievement through mastery of skills. The school’s integrated curriculum reflects the rich interests and diverse talents of its teachers. At NVS, each student’s innate intelligence and natural curiosity is fostered in an environment where children can grow confidently.

Sarah Creighton

Interim Head of School

I am excited to step into the roll of Interim Head Of School after being the Office Manager for the past 3 1/2 years. I have an extensive understanding of the role, a passion for education, and a deep love for children. I look forward to encouraging our mission of nature-based education and maintaining our child-centered culture. 


I have lived on the Central Oregon Coast since moving from Washington at a young age. I married my husband Eric in 2006 and we have 2 beautiful daughters. I love to laugh and enjoy horseback riding, reading, and outdoor adventures with my family.

Kelly Ellis

Development Director


I am passionate about kids! I love how kids come equipped with the attributes we aspire for as adults - joy, inquisition, energy, imagination, creativity, trust. I set out each day to create an environment at Neskowin Valley School that allows these attributes to flourish. I want our students to feel celebrated for their individuality. I want our students to grow up to be the adults that embody these natural attributes, without the need to re-learn them. 


Raising my three children has shown me how important environment is in shaping young minds. My children have experienced a number of school environments, from public to private to schooling at home. Coupled with my own school experiences which, sadly, were not very positive, I am confident that the most important impact on a child's development is love! Children need to feel empowered in order to reach their full potential. A loving environment that welcomes creativity and imagination, that celebrates individuality and fosters joy, creates the space for children to feel empowered. That is what Neskowin Valley School is all about!


I came to Neskowin Valley School from a career in business management. After learning the mission and vision of this amazing place, my initial thought was, "I could have enjoyed school!" It was an eye-opening moment in my adult life, having always viewed myself as a "bad student". I realized that I had been an NVS kid stuck in a "rows and desks" environment. I wish my children had been able to experience growing up the "NVS way". Free to be kids, free to explore, free to imagine! 


I am so thankful to be a part of this magical community. Our students are amazing and it is my honor to be sharing in their journey each day.

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