Diversity, Equity, Community

NVS is committed to providing a safe, honest, and respectful space where our community members feel a sense of belonging and can thrive and embrace their unique identities.


In support of diversity and equity at NVS, our community members commit to:

  • Respecting ourselves, others, and our environment

  • Trusting each other to engage in difficult conversations

  • Sharing our experiences and listening to the experiences of others

  • Learning from different perspectives

  • Acknowledging and examining our biases with an effort to overcoming them

  • Investing in the growth and potential of students and adults alike

  • Bringing our statement to life

Our community strives to...

  • Support the desire for life-long learning, and the enthusiasm, confidence, and imagination to sustain it.

  • Provide the foundation for life skills in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and the performing and visual arts.

  • Place high value on integrated learning through an interdisciplinary approach to subjects and by the focused attention derived from collaborative peer groups.

  • Promote openness, generosity, and a conscientious respect for self and for others, while instilling an appreciation of the vitality of difference.

  • Encourage students to be independent thinkers; to be curious, accept challenges, take risks, benefit from mistakes and delight in both the thrill of discovery and the pride gained from meaningful work.


  • Nurture integrity and ethical conduct.

  • Inspire individual creativity through approaches to the various types of intelligence.

  • Celebrate the wonder of childhood through song, dance, narrative, artwork, physical contact with nature, and play

  • Foster a sense of responsibility for one’s neighborhood, and stewardship of natural resources both local and global.

  • Maintain an active community of teachers, students, parents, alumni, administrators, and friends who together strive to fulfill the school’s mission.

  • Keep parents informed about their child’s progress through conferences and formal evaluations.

Active participation of parents or guardians in their child’s education assures a more successful experience and is essential to the character of the school. All parents are members of the NVS Family Alliance. This group supports special projects and raises a portion of the operating budget through a variety of fundraising events.