ADVENTURERS - April 2018

Sounds of birds chirping, the roaring creek, dancing raindrops, shining sun, and blooming flowers are all signs that spring has arrived here at NVS. Adventurers are curious about all that spring has to offer, and have been cheerfully exploring outdoors. On our nature studies, we have observed the water level changes by sight and sound. We have also discovered new growth in our forest; including the buds on the trees, skunk cabbage leaves, trillium flowers, and an abundance of wood sorrel (sour grass). While on our explorations, we express much joy and care discovering frogs, salamanders, bugs, and mud. We have been learning about edible plants, and along our nature walks we delight in tasting wood sorrel and violas.

In the classroom, we are learning about life cycles and the water cycle. As part of the Fish Eggs to Fry Program, we observed the life cycle of Summer Steelhead Salmon. Once they grew into fry we released them into our little creek to grow into full-sized salmon in hopes of them returning one day. Caring for the salmon allowed us to see and learn how things grow, and the importance of keeping our water clean for wildlife.

In celebration of Earth Day, we took a trip to the Pacific City Transfer Station and learned about recycling. In the classroom, we have been learning about reducing, reusing, and recycling. We are also learning about the importance of composting and how compost helps reduce waste; while providing nutrients in our soil.

~ Teacher Nicole


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