ADVENTURERS - April 2019

Growth. Growth is abundant at NVS. Looking high and looking low we find new growth all around us. The Adventurers are curious and full of wonder! Nature has gifted us with a variety of colors to enjoy while exploring our forest; pink salmonberry flowers, white trillium, yellow skunk cabbage, yellow violas, purple flowers, a colored trillium, green moss, red sticks, green wood sorrel (sour grass), brown mushrooms, blue sky, and blue water. Exploring and discovering in nature is an enriching multi-subject adventure. Wood sorrel and blooming trilliums have given us opportunities to count groups of three and then to count our groups! It was an excellent hands-on way of exploring our numbers.

April has been a delightful month for exploring outdoors. We have discovered a love for climbing trees! Determining the best path to take up and the best path to climb down encourages us to strengthen our problem-solving and creative thinking skills as we learn through play while trying to fit and move our bodies into tight spaces using our spatial awareness. The Adventurers love climbing trees with their friends. We are developing our social skills by taking turns to climb the same tree, taking great joy in sharing a favorite spot with friends. Hand and eye coordination, building muscle strength; climbing a tree fosters physical development while we discover how to manage our arms and legs before determining our next move. It takes time and focus to climb a tree! Patience. It is delightful to see our class grow in confidence as they climb further than the last time. There is great joy in seeing them have a sense of accomplishment. Spending time in nature and climbing trees fosters the Adventurers interests. There is so much to observe from the vantage point up in a tree - animals, plants, and the natural environment surrounding us. Climbing a tree allows us to explore and discover the natural world.

Here at NVS, we observed Summer Steelhead fish eggs as part of the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Fish Egg to Fry program. This month we released our Summer Steelhead fry into our little creek right outside our school. NVS is truly a special place and provides such enriching opportunities. On release days each student gets to release a fry. We took great care and pride as we gently released our fry into the creek. On one of our walks this month we discovered the fry in little pools along the sides of the big creek.

Earth Week provided us many learning experiences in caring for our Earth. We audited our garbage, collaborated ideas on how to reduce our waste, looked at labels on containers to find out if we could recycle them, collected garbage around our school property, and planted seeds in our garden. We are nurturing our environment. We take great responsibility in taking care of our school. It is a joy to see such excitement in finding a piece of plastic to put in the garbage because it helps to take care of our environment. We are environmental stewards!

As growth continues and seasons change, one thing is constant, our love of learning. We are always discovering, exploring, and creating. We love our school. We love NVS.

~ Teacher Nicole


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