ADVENTURERS - January 2018

What have you enjoyed learning about this month?

"Math play!" - Grace "Learning about bears and bear tracks stamps!" - Mariana "The bog and salamanders!" - Haley "The creek!" - Ashlynn

What project did you like working on?

"Making snowflake art." - Xander "Making the bear and snowflake art." - Mariana "Building bridges with blocks." - Gavin

What is your favorite thing about NVS?

"Playing with my friends!" - Autumn "Outside exploring and playing with all my friends." - Keegan "Playing with my friends!" - Henry "Having snack and lunch with friends." - Grace "Recess, library and quiet reading!" - Gracie "I love buddy reading and playing at recess!" - Xander "My friends!" - Kya "Playing with my friends!" - Clarabelle "Quiet reading & library." - Haley

What is your most memorable moment so far this year?

"Playing kitty at recess." - Haley "Reading books we have never read at quiet reading time." - Asher "I love going on adventurers!" - Xander "Recess playing outside!" - Keegan "Listening to nature outside on adventures!" - Asher "Playing at recess with friends." - Dakota "Quiet reading & buddy reading." - Gracie

What's on of the best things about being an NVS Raven?

"We get to make and fly airplanes!" - Keegan "We get to make a class flag." - Gracie "Playing with all our friends at recess!" - Ashlynn "Playing in the water with friends!" - Xaphyra


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