Things I loved learning this year at NVS:

Gavin: “I loved learning all of the plants in the garden.” “I loved the bookmobile and checking out books.”

Gracie: “I loved learning in the garden about planting different seeds.” “I love carpet time & math games.”

Dakota: “I loved learning about the tadpoles and salmon.”

Keegan: “I loved learning and playing at the tidepools and the ocean.” “I loved learning about the fish and finding them in our creek.”

Xander: ‘'loved learning that at the farm it has milk for all the baby cows” “I loved learning at the creek.”

Grace: “I loved going on field trips and seeing the baby cows at the farm.”

Hattie: “I loved learning in the garden that all potatoes can be different colors like pink and yellow and purple.” “ I loved my friends and Miss Nicole.”

Henry: “I loved learning at Gardens & Grounds and planting peas.” “I loved circle time & sharing.”

Ashlynn: “I love the mud and water.”

Mari: “I love my friends and the playground.” “I loved learning about the fish and letting them go.”

Haley: “I loved playing with my friends & learning about the tadpoles and salmon.”

Asher: “I loved learning math games.” “I loved playing with my friends, my teacher the most.”

June was filled with culminating educational adventures. As part of our thematic sequence this year, we studied patterns in nature. We were invited by Travis Korbe of the Oregon Fish & Wildlife to tour the Lighthouse at Cape Meares. He also gave us a guided tour and taught us about native plants and the patterns of their leaves. We enjoyed lunch at the cape and later a hike up to the Octopus Tree.

We visited our local farmer, Carolina of Corvus Landing Farm where she taught us about growing food at her farm. We tasted many varieties of lettuce, kale, and even ate pea leaves. It was a wonderful way to explore our senses. Carolina also helped us use our math skills when we made purchases at the farm stand. On our hike back we collected garbage and recycling along Slab Creek Road, in hopes of helping keep our road clear of trash.

The Pacific City negative tide was an epic adventure. We explored the tidepools and saw sea anemones, a bed of purple sea urchins, fish, eels, orange and purple starfish, crabs, hermit crabs, kelp, and so much more! No trip to Cape Kiwanda is complete without a hike to the top of the dune.

Lastly, we wrapped up our patterns in nature with a hike at Kilches Point Reserve in Bay City. We used our nature studies color hike to find plants and flowers of each color while making plant identifications along our hike. We identified plants that are inedible, such as belladonna, foxglove, and red elderberry. We also identified coral mushroom and oyster mushrooms. We identified berries that are edible, such as thimbleberry, huckleberry, salmonberry, and blackberry. Once at the top of the trail we reached the Tillamook Bay where we ate lunch and explored. While there we were greeted by a bald eagle. It was delightful!

~ Teacher Nicole


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