Teaching Preschool-Kindergarten is quite an adventure. We are constantly seeking to understand the world around us with wide eyes full of wonder and curiosity! It has been an incredible year both inside and outside our classroom. From nature walks to the creek, exploring the bog, and our many enriching field trips, we have had a wonderful year discovering, creating, and exploring together. We have created meaningful friendships inside and outside of class. Together we have created a beautiful community.

June included a performance of songs from the seven continents, culminating what we have learned throughout the year. As part of our thematic sequence this year, we explored animals, habitats, and songs from each continent. The Adventurers’ were quite impressive during their performance. They sang a total of 8 songs on stage in front of their school community, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more. It was standing room only!

Early this month, we ventured to the Ghost Forest at Neskowin’s Proposal Rock to explore the beach during negative tide. We saw sea anemones, fish, shrimp, hermit crabs, barnacles, kelp, and much more. We learned about the story of how the Ghost Forest became what it is today. It was an enriching all-school field trip that allowed time for connecting with our whole school community. Another epic adventure was to the Hatfield Marine Science Center where we learned how to build habitats for sea creatures. We continued on to Devil’s Punchbowl for yet another hands-on learning adventure during a negative tide. There was much to discover in the intertidal zone. Purple and orange starfish, sea anemones in a variety of colors, hermit crabs, purple crabs, barnacles, and more! Nothing quite compared to the measurement of standing inside the punchbowl to compare and contrast the size of humans. Then to hypothesize how much ocean water it would take to fill the space. It was a real-life experience with mathematical concepts. It was epic!

Lastly, we wrapped up our year by taking a hike at Kilchis Point Reserve in Bay City. We came across a variety of plants, flowers, animals, and birds. Red elderberry, foxglove, and belladonna are a few of the plants that we identified as plants that are inedible. Coral and oyster mushrooms were stumbled upon! Thimbleberry, huckleberry, blackberry, salmonberry, and salal are all edible plants that we identified. Our most exciting discovery was the little crabs that were in the bay during low tide. On the way back we found snails and rough-neck newts too. It was a joyful nature adventure!

As the year comes to a close, I want to say thank you to all who have helped our school thrive. It is an honor to teach at a school where everyone makes a choice to invest their time and energy. NVS is truly a special, magical place that values individualism, the whole child, nature and outdoor exploration; while cultivating life-long learning. I’m looking ahead to the upcoming year at NVS! Happy Summer!

~ Teacher Nicole


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