May has been a beautiful month here at Neskowin Valley School. The sun has started to come out more and so we venture out to rediscover the many wonderful things growing around our school. We have enjoyed so many sunny days at the creek, playing outside at recess, and spring planting in the garden.

May has also been a busy month. We explored poetry for Mary Hope reading day. We created letter pages for a school-wide alphabet book with the Navigators. Later in the day, we had a poetry slam and, if we wanted, we could share poems that we created. We enjoyed listening to all the poems that students shared while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie.

The Mother’s Day tea was another big hit! It was a delight to pick out our own tea, fill our own tea bags. and then share poems with everyone.

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit Miss Kaylie’s farm and see baby farm animals. After the farm, we went to the beach and enjoyed climbing up the dune and looking at the tide pools.

- Teacher Tina


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