Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Adventurers are flourishing! It has been a delightful month of changes and growth. We love tending the garden with Miss Rachel during Gardens & Grounds. Learning in the garden with her while picking weeds and observing the difference between potato leaves and weeds is joyful. This month we also planted peas. We are eager to monitor our peas growth!

The warm weather has been such a gift. As we explore nature and take adventurers to the creek; we are discovering frogs, snakes, salamanders, spiders, beetles, butterflies, and more. Finding these treasures in nature with classmates is truly exciting when learning about our ecosystem at NVS. It’s a special home to many creatures. Along the way, through the fields, we use our investigation skills to find more insects, amphibians, and even animal tracks. We even stop to enjoy a snack along the way. We have discovered the salmonberries are here. We know to leave the green ones so they can continue to ripen and pick the yellow ones because they are ripe. Our class loves to discover all the changes in nature throughout our school this year. It was delightful to enjoy the great outdoors!

At the creek, our math skills prove to be mastered by using measurement to compare and contrast leaves, rocks, sticks and more. We also observed the changes in the water level. Is it lower or higher? Hypothesizing why the water level was lower. It is joyful to listen to conversations and see where their imaginations take them. We are gaining confidence in crossing the creek, crossing the railroad bridge, practicing patience, teamwork, and helping a friend.

Gathering math manipulatives in nature we are building our vocabulary and literacy skills. Adventurers love collecting nature, especially sticks and order them by length. Our days are filled with enriching experiences. Inside the classroom, we enjoy using our whiteboards during circle time to explore numbers, letters, letter sounds, counting and more. Tally marks, one-to-one correspondence, hand-eye coordination, cooperative learning skills, vocabulary building, inside and outside we are learning through doing.

Adventurers had an incredible month of May. Our NVS community has been at the heart of the enriching experiences we’ve enjoyed - visiting the Lincoln City Cultural Center, Mary Hope Reading Day, Mother’s Day Tea, Newport Discovery Zoo, and the Navigators Twilight Zone play. Our class is building memorable friendships with their peers of all ages. NVS is a magical place where our imaginations are nurtured and we are free to explore, create, and grow.

~ Teacher Nicole


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