ADVENTURERS - November 2018

November was a full month here at NVS in the Adventurer classroom. While learning through play, we have also been busy creating our classroom community by building friendships, learning new vocabulary, and problem-solving. You will often find princesses, a fireman, a knight, dinosaurs, or maybe a grocery store clerk ready to greet a visitor. They are delighted to help you grocery shop, act out their recently scripted play, or serve you up a delicious meal. Creative thinking is at its all-time best!

Fall has provided us with a vast variety of seasonal changes to explore and discover together in nature, and perhaps our favorite place. You will find us seeking out mud, mud puddles, and sticks. On our walks, you will find us gathering leaves, sour grass, sticks, rocks, mushrooms, moss, and so much more. We are also gathering a rich vocabulary and counting all of our treasures. You will find us extending dynamic play outdoors mixing up a fresh recipe of hot cocoa (aka muddy water) and serving it to a happy customer. You will find us smiling with joy as we rush down to the little creek to refill our ingredients, mixing up a fresh batch when we run out. There is so much delight and happiness in learning.

This month we enjoyed visitors on Grandfriend’s Day. Together we shared delicious treats and made beautiful bracelets and necklaces using a variety of patterns. It was joyful to watch our students show our visitors around their classroom. It reminds me of the sign hanging up in our covered play area: “It takes a village to raise a child”. Thank you for making it a special day!

We visited the Navigator classroom to try our hand at a little pumpkin pie making. We partnered up in groups and together we measured and mixed up the ingredients. It was a delightful and tasty science experience. Thanks to the generosity of our parents' donations, we were able to make enough pie to share with the entire school.

Recently, we enjoyed a morning walk with one of our founders, Margot Voorhies-Thompson, and the Explorer classroom. It was incredibly delightful for our class to go explore with our friends, discovering new changes in the field on our walk. We collected an assortment of mushrooms, sticks, and leaves. Above all, we collected memories of a walk where we discovered all of these together; running to the log pile, noticing the new scat in the field, overcoming our fear of crossing the bog, holding a warm hand for comfort, learning names of mushrooms, smiling in delight while observing the moving water in the creek, measuring rocks on our hands and throwing just the right size into the water… the learning is joyful and the opportunities are endless. We are thankful for all of them. NVS is a warm, special, and magical place.

~ Teacher Nicole


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