ADVENTURERS - October 2017

Updated: Dec 2, 2017

The Adventurers have leaped into learning and exploring their classroom through play. At the beginning of the school year, we spent most of our days learning about each other and making new friends. In our class, you will find us actively learning hands-on; creating art with endless mediums, testing and observing science experiments, moving our bodies learning phonics, and learning outdoors in nature. 

Our specials classes are quite exciting! We have gardens & grounds, library, art literacy,

music, yoga class and reading buddies. We have been busy learning outdoors in our garden and have planted peas, garlic, lettuce, and cilantro. We have been exploring our senses through taste. Chives have been a popular garden fresh snack!  

We have learned all about ourselves, apples, pumpkins, farms, and harvesting. Together we have made applesauce, roasted pumpkin seeds, baked cinnamon & sugar pumpkin and soon we will be making soup! Using our senses is fun and tasty! 

One of our most cherished memories so far this year is exploring the creek and taking nature walks; learning and observing all the changes we see with our friends!

Teacher Nicole & Teacher Tina 


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