ADVENTURERS - October 2018

The Adventurers started their year by meeting new friends and getting to know each other. In our class, you will find us actively learning through play while engaged in meaningful interactions and conversation. We are learning to solve problems, persist through challenges, build vocabulary skills, and gain knowledge in many content areas.

We traveled to Africa, one of the seven continents on Earth and discovered that a variety of animals live there. Lions, giraffes, elephants, zebras, oh my! We continue to learn about the animals who live in the African Savanna; while also integrating literacy, art, and science. Creating habitats that our African animals live in while continuing to build our math and vocabulary skills. We’ve created our own plays pretending we are different animals traveling in the African Savanna.

In Music we are learning new songs; one of our favorites is Bluebird Through My Window. During Gardens & Grounds, we used our five senses while tasting orange cherry tomatoes. In Library, you will find us quietly engaged while Miss Linda reads us a special book; then searching for the perfect book to check out from our school library.

We helped take care of Neskowin Beach by cleaning up trash along the beach. We learned about beach and ocean safety. Together starfish and crabs we discovered and gently observed. Friendships were nurtured while playing happily in the creek with our friends. Joy!

Outside at school, Adventurers thrive exploring and discovering wooly bears, worms, rocks, sticks, and so much more! We are deeply engaged in nature; observing, testing, and learning with delight. We love our school!

~ Teacher Nicole


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