EXPLORERS - April 2018

As we celebrated Earth Week at our school, I was awestruck by the fact that Earth Day is literally every day. We don't get through a day without talking about erosion, life cycles, good ecological practices, recycling, composting, pollution and how we are a part of a cycle much bigger than each individual component. What a great thing to be a part of a place that celebrates being an eco-friendly citizen as highly as reading, writing math, and arts. Our future is in good hands with these kids!

On another note, our class has been enhanced by our fantastic, involved parents, board,

donors, and volunteers. Going on walks, helping with projects, teaching from their experiences, bringing us snacks buying classroom supplies, cooking for us, reading to us, and buying books, our community does it all. We are given experiences and field trips because parents are willing to drive and chaperone regularly. We are able to give back to our community with beach cleanups and visiting the senior citizens because parents commit to making it happen. There has never been an event or an idea that our parents haven't been willing to make happen for our kids. Not one. As a matter of fact, they go out of their way to find things for us to do. Community members who value commitment, dedication, and who give back by taking good care of the earth and those people who are in their lives. The Explorers are seeing first-hand examples of how to use their acquired knowledge to do good; to make a difference.

The days are full of beauty and questions. Thank you for being a part of making that possible.

~ Teacher Rhonda


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