EXPLORERS - April 2019

The Explorers have been out and about for the last week. Writing, reading, math, science and world geography are all able to be covered while exploring our great outdoors. Joy is in their faces as the sun (finally) shines down and the flowers aren't the only things blooming.

The children are in that sweet spot of the year where "aha" moments are regular and as delightful as finding a special rock, bird, mushroom, or fern. One child is suddenly able to copy words on lines without assistance. Another has mastered most of her times tables. Still another has figured out how to navigate social intricacies. One has learned how to put letter sounds together. Another has read his first chapter book. Every day is a delight. Theirs. Ours. Hopefully, a few pictures will help you share in that delight. Thankful for Neskowin Valley School.

~ Teacher Rhonda & Teacher Mara


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