EXPLORERS - February 2018

"There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this." Author Unknown

Oh, to be an Explorer at NVS! It's a delight and a challenge. Every day is full of inquiry and research. Horseback riding, bird watching, mushroom hunts, poetry, great literature, and hands-on math make for days that fly by so quickly that we all exclaim, "already?"

We are spoiled by excellent art, music, library, and garden teachers. Character development is as important as reading. Anyone who takes a minute to overlook the bit of chaos and mess can see the pure joy of learning in the excitement and activity of the students. They show what they know in so many ways; painting, writing, speaking, sculptures, poems.

They have spent this last month learning to celebrate their weaknesses. It's a huge thing to risk failing. It's necessary for the pursuit of being a lifetime learner. So, instead of shying away from the things that scare them or make them feel uncomfortable, they are facing them head on and "kicking down walls". They are inspirational little people. From overcoming the fear of getting on a horse to plugging away with manipulatives until they finally "see" math, they are willing to put in the effort. Confidence is building. Dreams are being achieved.

Come visit. It's fun to learn from them.

Teacher Rhonda


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