EXPLORERS - January 2018

What have you enjoyed learning this month? That's a great question to ask at the end of the first month back after the holidays!

"Math!" "Times!" "Fractions!" "Mushrooms!" "Ravens!" "Drawing!" "Singing!"

I was surprised as well! How many kids yell out math as the first thing that they've enjoyed in school? NVS kids. Math is an integral part of their daily lives and they have been fascinated with using their newfound fraction skills in measuring their beloved fungi.

What is your favorite thing about NVS?

"Pizza day!" "Walks with Margot!" "Creeeeekkkk!"

I love that pizza tops the list and that Margot is so well loved.

In addition to these things, Explorers have a newly acquired skill as well. It is the skill of being quiet in both voice and body. They have honed the ability to be completely still, to listen, to observe, to rest, and to take time to think. This skill has impacted their ability to question and observe while on walks as well as giving them time to reflect on their day when indoors.

One of their favorite things to do is to take my phone and document the day from their perspective! The photos this month are from their point of view!


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