EXPLORERS - January 2019

With the new year has come the winter weather.  Rain, wind, hail, and frost have fascinated our Explorers.  Just a few days ago, a gust of wind unlatched the door and brought in the with it the wild sound of hail and pounding rain.  Everything stopped for the moments as we rushed to look at the fantastic storm! 


"See the hail?" 

 "Why is it frozen?" 

"Why did the door open?"

"The rain is 'running' across the grass"  

Everyone.....every last one....engaged, mesmerized, observing, questioning, talking through their ideas. That is every day in our world. From walks to the bog to experimenting with chemical changes to writing using more powerful words to experimenting with how to manipulate numbers, our students love learning.  They reach out and grab opportunities to figure things out for themselves.  They question and wonder daily.  They problem solve.  They fail.  They try again.  And again.  Often, they find new ways to solve problems that don't follow the norm.  

They began their years with words of intent to guide them as they learn.  Words like family, love, adventurous, Nike, try, and grow.  They are inspiring.  Being at NVS encourages them to be and become their own unique selves!

~ Teacher Rhonda


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