EXPLORERS - June 2018

Move On

Teaching first, second, and third graders means constant movement.

Move over. Move in. Move quickly. Move slowly. Move safely. Move out. Move chairs. Move belongings. Move hands. Move arms. Move on.

Move on. That's a difficult one. At NVS, we have the privilege of spending two or three years with a student. We get to know parents, siblings, dogs, cats, iguanas, horses as well as the student. We move through life together. Our days are full of one another. We know one another. We accept one another. We depend on one another. We grow together. We learn together. Eventually, though, the time comes to move on.

It's exciting. Seeing kids be ready for things that they never even imagined before is exhilarating. I mean, that's what we're here to do, right? Yes, but in the midst of all of the excitement of a new class coming up, a new room, a new adventure, there is sadness. In the sadness is one of the greatest life lessons. Move on.

Not, move away. Not, move from. Move on. Go forward. Hold onto the good, the relationships, the knowledge, the lessons, the confidence, the joy from now, but, move on. Find new challenges. New adventures. New friends. New ways of doing things. Find a new you. The one that is a little bit more grown up and experienced.

Move on. But, how? How is it taught? Packing up. Reflecting. Sharing stories. Talking about it. Acknowledging the pain. Hugging. Not rushing, but rather, relishing each of the last moments. Say the important things. Then, get up on the last day and go to school as you have every other day that year. Enjoy every last minute. Savor.

These Explorers have pushed through barriers this year. They have refused to be defeated on any front. I am confident that they will move on well. The will cherish what lies behind while running enthusiastically, full force into the new.

As I lead them in the lesson, I'm leading myself, reminding myself about the goodness of change. The thing is that we don't "lose" each other, but rather, we move on to share the new person we've become because of one another with a new group.

~ Teacher Rhonda


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