EXPLORERS - May 2018

Old collides with new every day at NVS. We are lucky enough to have not only a rich history in the place and facilities that we enjoy, but in the many people that are still part of our regular lives. From those who come and take walks, sharing their own, personal, historical memories from nearly 50 years ago, to those who teach ukulele or stop by to visit with therapy dogs. Every day is full of living history.

It is a unique opportunity to learn from those who have gone before and to enjoy hearing how they played, hiked, studied, and even how they lived on the campus property. The Explorers are enthralled to hear how some lived in teepees near the creek that they visit regularly. They are wowed by the fact that some people have been watching the trees, mushrooms, and plants that they so love for decades. To have first-hand accounts and mentors to teach about the environment and history brings it alive. Our students don't just read about the history of their state, they get to walk side by side with those who have loved and cared for this place before them and learn how to be caretakers for future generations.

If you have memories or pictures of our past, please feel free to bring them in or email them. If you would like to come and walk beside current day students, they would welcome you. They are always so excited to share all that they have discovered and then to hear how it has either remained the same or changed. As always, it is a privilege to join in the great mission that is NVS.

~ Teacher Rhonda


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