EXPLORERS - November 2018

The Explorers have been studying all things about water! We have visited the water treatment plant, tested water using a STEM bin provided by Hatfield Marine Center, and used red cabbage water to test the acidity of water. We have also created water filters of our own and tried to figure out why water beads grow bigger but do not dissolve. Our most recent field trip was to Haystack Rock Awareness Program where we learned how humans are impacting our local environment, and, more importantly, how we can help to educate visitors to our coast.

Miss Mara has been subbing in our classroom since October and has shared her passion for teaching Spanish with our class! We have learned the words for animals, numbers, colors, and even basic conversation. Today, when we were giving instructions and counting, students counted and gave answers in both English and Spanish without even being prompted.

From Asia, we have moved on to studying South America. Our students are creating an Amazon habitat using their own cutouts of flora and fauna! They continue to add to their ideas of what needs to be included in this very specialized habitat.

Joy is found in the journey of learning. Each day is full of questions, research, and wonderings. Whether walking outside, reading books or exploring mathematics concepts, Explorers are engaged and curious! They are in the business of becoming lifelong learners.

~ Teacher Rhonda


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