EXPLORERS - October 2017

Updated: Dec 2, 2017

The Explorers are aptly named!  We spend our days exploring everything.  

This year, we have explored our beautiful Oregon coast by going on a beach clean-up day, a whale watching day to Depoe Bay with lunch at Fogarty Creek, and with an excursion out on the Marine Discovery boat in the Newport Bay.  We have trawled, held crabs and mudfish, seen the blow of a half-dozen whales, and collected treasures from the beach.

We have also explored places and ideas with excellent books.  We are reading Seven Alone, which is about the Sager family who traveled the Oregon Trail in 1844.  We have been exploring books on plant and animal biology.  Our young kids already know the five types of vertebrates and can classify whether an animal is a vertebrate or invertebrate.  

Exploring our local environment has yielded the experience of seeing how the creek changes with the weather patterns and how plant life changes with the seasons.  Today, after a weekend of rain, the students were surprised to find hundreds of mushrooms. 

This exploring of our local area also brought us a fearful experience one day as we happened upon a yellow jacket nest in the grass.  That experience was a defining moment that could have taken away the joy of exploring the meadow.  Instead, our courageous students have researched, watched videos, read books, and discussed the unique characteristics of bees, wasps, and hornets.  After their first time back to the meadow, they confidently declared that they were able to be wiser and more cautious because they knew what to look for to keep themselves safe.  They didn't let their fears keep them from enjoying an afternoon adventure.  

If you happen in our room, you will see us exploring all kinds of books, videos, and pictures.  They are questioners and risk takers.  They explore how to show what they know with art, writing, words, and skits.  They have even done puppet shows!  

Life at Neskowin Valley School is full of laughter and joy as we all explore this amazing place in which we live. 

Teacher Rhonda


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