EXPLORERS - October 2018

Here we go! Let the experiences begin. The wonder. The joy. Two months into school and we're already becoming "family". The new students blending with the veteran students. The new parents being welcomed into the unique NVS family with open arms. Everyone shifting. Changing. Settling into a new normal. It's beautiful. Here at NVS, I await the moment when faces relax. When postures lose the tenseness. It happens for young and old alike. There's this moment when you look around and see the peace and sense of well being. It's nearly magical how this place pulls us all together to work as one for these amazing children.

These new Explorers are studying World History and World Geography. They are stretching their minds to discover how things work using physics concepts and noticing how things change chemically in their environment. TWENTY dear Explorers this year! They have already ventured out to the Senior Living Center, a beach cleanup day, and the fish hatchery. They get to do so many fantastic things because of their dedicated parents who go above and beyond to make ensure that their kids' education is a priority.

We're off to a great start!

~ Teacher Rhonda


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