NAVIGATORS - April 2019

Spring is bringing out the best in the Navigator class! Despite the days getting longer, it seems like time is flying by. We are pursuing all kinds of new adventures and exploring old ideas with new perspectives. 

Practice for NVS's annual play performance has begun. With the help of our incredible director, Chad Muller, we will be exploring the human experience as we perform some well known stories from the Twilight Zone. 

Students participated in their own student economy which they will continue to analyze and develop over the coming months. They are budgeting personal finances, learning about successful marketing, and observing changes in supply and demand as the sell goods they themselves produced. All this is wrapped up into our unit about the wonder of the historical Silk Road that brought so much advancement to civilization. Our students demonstrate such intelligence and reflection in large scale projects like this. They amaze me in their maturity and responsibility, while still finding joy and play in all they do. 

Earth Week provided an opportunity for the Navigators to reconnect with the school grounds as animals and plants return after the winter.  We planted, trimmed, tasted, and observed the growth of microgreens in Gardens and Grounds class. We also have found and celebrated animals on our school grounds including, spiders, salmon, newts, camel crickets, stellar jays, bumble bees and frogs. We have been so lucky to share these experiences with students of all ages as we go out to explore with the other classes. 

I anticipate great things for the Navigators as we enter the final stretch of our year. What an amazing opportunity our students have to grow and play with nature like they do at our school!

~ Teacher Kyla


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