NAVIGATORS - January 2019

What a beautiful winter we are having this year! The days have been lovely, giving the Navigators nice weather in which we can go explore the many changes that have come across the grounds as we transition to shorter days. We have brought a lot of our learning outdoors this year as we measure slope and take data for science projects. These have been wonderful opportunities that we can translate into the classroom as we create graphs, art projects and stories to share with the whole school. 

The Navigators have had the joy of studying Egypt and have travelled to Portland to see the King Tut exhibit at OMSI. They have mummified oranges, built gingerbread monuments and explored the wonders of how the Egyptians advanced mankind. Our students have shown how brilliant they are as well as they developed incredible projects of their own design, choosing to study hieroglyphics, pantheons and the ancient foods the Egyptian kings and queens may have eaten. 

It has been such a pleasure this season to watch the Navigators learn and grow. Our community is something we can be grateful for as we enter the new year. What an incredible and unique environment students get to discover who they want to be in! 

~ Teacher Kyla


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