NAVIGATORS - June 2018

It seems like the Navigators have been on adventures non-stop since the end of May. Through every challenge they have faced and project they have created, they are showing creativity, confidence, and determination. It has been amazing this year to see such incredible growth in our students. They are so fortunate to be in a unique environment that promotes choice and exploration, even into middle school.

We made a journey to Hatfield Field Station in Fossil, Oregon. Here the Navigators showed their willingness to play and get messy as they dissected owl pellets, met animals in a desert biome, and went on hikes to take in the Eastern Oregon landscape. The trip was such a great end of the year experience to wrap up our studies in biology and Oregon history. Students truly showed bravery and maturity in how well they handled this incredible experience.

As we wind down the year, the Navigators have shown that they can stay focused to achieve their academic goals and participate in projects, like dissecting chicken wings and building mechanical arms. They also have shown great compassion and kindness as they bid farewell to the member of our class moving on to high school. I can't wait to see how the Navigator class changes and develops as we meet new faces and continue to grow.

~ Teacher Kyla


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