NAVIGATORS - June 2019

The end of the year is here, and so are the warm summer months! The Navigators spent time learning, exploring, and celebrating their final school days together. Students participated in big discussions as we wrapped up To Kill a Mockingbird in literature, and reviewed what we have learned throughout the year in History by designing their own civilizations. We also traveled on several field trips, taking some time in the sun as we explore Yaquina Bay at Hatfield, NVS Board Member and local artist, Lynne Wintermute's art gallery, and Oaks Park in Portland.

I am so proud of all the progress our students have made this year. While I have seen so much growth academically, even more so, our students have become considerate problem solvers who are looking to do their best in the world. We are saying goodbye to our eighth graders as they head off for high school, I cannot wait to hear about their amazing achievements!

~ Teacher Kyla


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