The Navigators have had an eventful beginning of spring. This year's play proved what exemplary performers the NVS middle schoolers are as they brought The Twilight Zone to Neskowin. They personified tension and wonder, and a little comedy as they performed The Monsters are Due on Maple Street and Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. A pair of our students even managed to memorize and pull off the classic Abbot and Costello Skit Who's On First.

The play was brought together by our incredible director Chad Muller who worked hard to help our students to raise the bar and reach past their expectations. I am so thankful for our incredible and unique community that makes these kinds of events so successful.

Our Navigators class completed their science fair at the end of May. They analyzed how onions make us cry, as well as how sounds and colors make us feel. Other students utilized the natural features around us to explore how to pull salt from brackish water, and the most effective way to build a water filter. Students chose, researched, graphed and came to conclusions independently and then spent time admiring each other's academic triumphs. Our students do a great job of building one another up and noticing each other's strengths. I am so grateful for this incredible, inquisitive and joyful class that loves to celebrate one another.

~ Teacher, Kyla


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