NAVIGATORS - November 2018

What a wonderful fall we are having this year. The Navigator's days have been filled with sunshine and exploration. It has been incredible to watch the grounds change as mushrooms appear and the leaves turn.

Academically we have been pursuing all kinds of hands-on experiences that integrate all the subjects. We have been utilizing pumpkins in every form this year as we make pie from scratch, extract pumpkin DNA, and figure out what does and doesn't preserve the vegetable. We have been studying Ancient Egypt as well and have tried mummifying oranges as we learn about the traditions people held thousands of years ago.

It has been a great season for playing and exploring but also buckling down and reinforcing the skills students will need to be independent. What an advantage NVS has that students have space and room to grow while they develop the skills of personal responsibility, organization, and presentation. The students in the Navigator classroom show off a true love of learning nearly every day and have really stepped up to show themselves as leaders and examples within their community.

~ Teacher Kyla


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