REFLECTIONS - February 2018

Enjoying a few days of sunshine in the midst of the rain has been so wonderful!

Daffodils are popping up all around the property and along Slab Creek Road. These precious flowers remind us of the Nesko-Women's Group that beautified our county so many years ago and whose efforts are still around for us to enjoy.

Our students have spent some time working in the garden. Tending, weeding, mulching, and preparing the beds for spring planting. Learning how to prepare a garden is just one of the many ways we hope our students will continue to build their understanding of sustainable living.

We've also had the fortunate gift of a new aquarium that is home to Steelhead Salmon eggs. We will spend the new next few weeks learning about the life cycle of salmon along with some great math concepts too. The eggs hatch based on Temperature Units (TU) so the students will be working on calculating TUs to estimate when they will hatch, when they will grow to a fry size, and when they will ready to be released into Jim Creek just west of the school.

Integrating the outdoors with what we are learning in the classroom is the beauty that makes NVS so special! We are so fortunate to have the freedom to teach in this way and we are thankful to all of you who make this possible.

Kelly Ellis, Head of School


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