REFLECTIONS - February/March 2019

Every year we publish one issue of The Voice with only photos. The adage "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" rings true at Neskowin Valley School.

The small moments that might appear inconsequential are really building a larger story of incredible growth, deep learning, and blossoming friendships. The changes in our landscape captured on film mirror the learning that takes place over a year; from seed to bud to bloom.

Just as in nature, growth looks different for all of us. The daffodils pop up early, looking for the first sign of spring but the tulips hold back allowing more growth to happen under the surface, waiting to be sure spring is here before bursting forth. Our students grow similarly; some bursting through with early understanding and some taking the time to be sure, carefully cementing new concepts. The beauty of a Neskowin Valley School education is that we are ready for both; tending to the needs of each student and allowing them to blossom in their own time.

Kelly Ellis, Head of School


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