REFLECTIONS - January 2018

Much of our planning and marketing culminate in December with our year-end giving campaign. And just like a kid before Christmas who agonizes over that perfect letter for Santa and the perfect set up of cookies and milk before bed on Christmas Eve, we agonize over just the right words. Are we conveying the heart of our organization well? Are we sharing too much? Not enough? Is this letter/email/post too long? Does this image tell our story well? Will this be the story that resonates and shares our passion with those who have such an integral part in propelling our passion forward?

And then . . . the magic happens! Year-end giving is something everyone should experience. It is so incredible to see the level of commitment and generosity that transcends every December at a non-profit organization's headquarters. The hustle and bustle of bulk mail, scheduling of emails, and thoughtful preparation pave the way for so many of you to show just how much YOU believe in our mission. It is humbling beyond words!

Believing in a mission with passion is easy when you see the beauty of it every day. Those of us on the front lines experience the transformation that comes from a Neskowin Valley School education. We see the incredible joy our students experience as they face that next hurdle, embrace the next challenge, and risk the unknown each day. But when YOU come alongside and say, "I believe too", that is where the true magic happens. That remarkable feeling that we are all in this thing together and together WE are changing lives.

To all of you who give, we thank you!

Kelly Ellis - Head of School


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