REFLECTIONS - January 2019

If you're a parent you probably can identify with that feeling of watching your child do something incredible and being struck with amazement that they have come so far. Maybe they helped another child get up after a fall at the park or shared their favorite toy with a crying sibling. These are the moments that make the challenging times worth it. The feel-good moments that are held close so as not to be forgotten. This is how I feel about NVS!

Over the last five years, I've been privileged to work alongside amazing teachers, sit in meetings with talented board members, and rub shoulders with some of the coolest kids on the Oregon Coast (their parents are pretty awesome too!). We've gone through ups and downs but today, on this cold January afternoon, I am reflecting on the growth. Pure and joyful growth.

We've made great strides over the past few years. Our curriculum is dynamic and engaging; our teaching staff is a strong team of independent women who love our students fiercely while expecting the best out of each of them; our students are innovative, creative, and determined; our parents and community members are supportive and involved.

We have reason to celebrate in 2019. There is much to be proud of and so much growth left to go. That is the beauty of being a lifelong learner. The journey never stops!

By Kelly Ellis, Head of School


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