We hope you are planning to join us for this wonderful celebration tomorrow, July 1st!

I've been planting and tending to my garden this summer. Maybe you've experienced a similar story? Backbreaking prep work, money spent, plants acquired, planting, watering, waiting, hoping. Some plants have fought hard to adjust to their new environment and are thriving and some just couldn't make the transition and so they sit - stunted, withering. And some are still trying. They're not showing much sign of renewed energy yet, but I can tell it's not time to give up. They are still doing the hard, imperceptible work of rebuilding and time will likely be their greatest gift.

It's really a symbol for life, isn't it? For where there is good to be found, it surely took hard, often imperceptible, work and the gift of time to get there. And always, there are the parts that thrive and the parts that wither. So many of NVS' glory stories are marked with a similar path. Stories of struggle and determination, of withering, of imperceptible hard work, and, in time, of thriving.

As we eagerly look to the future of NVS and the coming 45 years, I am reminded of the many challenges that independent school's face and that our thriving is only because of you and your generous contributions.

Each year we face an insurmountable task to raise over 50% of our operating budget. It's a lofty goal that has frightened even the most optimistic of people. And yet, it has happened. Year in and year out through fundraisers, foundation gifts, sponsorships, and the generosity of our donors, the work gets done.

As we reach the end of another fiscal year, we have a lofty goal of raising $12,000 to commemorate our 45th birthday. Will you help us reach our goal? Some good work has already been done and we've raised $4132 so far. With one month to go, we are hopeful that the gift of time is on our side and soon we'll be sharing another NVS glory story.

Thank you for your consideration,

~ Kelly

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