REFLECTIONS - November 2017

At Neskowin Valley School, we've been in a season of reflection and thankfulness. Reflecting on the bravery of two young people who, in their early 20's, followed their dream; a dream that many would have passed off as foolish. Reflecting on the ups, the downs, the remarkable, and the ordinary. Reflecting on the impact our school has had on so many people's lives over the past four decades. And thankful for the many who believed in this dream.

We are currently in our 45th year! This scrappy little place, as George and Margot fondly refer to it, started in 1972 and it's still thriving!

George and Margot Thompson followed their dream and in doing so have created a legacy. Their remarkable legacy is continuing to impact young people every day. But the story doesn't end there. YOU are the reason this legacy has been able to continue. Your support and generosity allow us to flourish and grow, carrying forward the legacy for many more decades to come.

When I first came to Neskowin Valley School, I often heard the anecdotal phrase, "It's the little school that shouldn't but did." As we all know, most businesses consider location, location, location. Yet here were are smack dab in the middle of a national forest with only a small little village close by. Families for generations have commuted to Neskowin Valley School to reap the benefits of education done well. To be part of the driving power of a dream, the staying power of determination, the continuing power of a legacy!

Kelly Ellis - Head of School


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