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REFLECTIONS - October 2017

Updated: Dec 2, 2017

Fall is a refreshing {and rather busy} time of year at Neskowin Valley School. Where, in nature, spring lends itself to new growth, at school it is a time to see the fruit of hard work. The culminating effort of a year well done. For us, the beauty of new growth is saved for September, when the list of all things new and fresh are abundant. There is so much to learn about new friends, new teachers, new parents, new curriculum, new activities, and new routines.

Do you remember being a student and walking into your classroom on the first day of school? I remember the feeling so well. It's joyous, scary, overwhelming, and exciting all at once. I think about my own experiences often when the new year begins. How remarkable it is that young people can adapt so quickly to new surroundings and dive wholeheartedly into the work of becoming a community? As the newness wears off and a sense of comfort and familiarity replaces the nerves, we realize that we're all in this thing together. That by growing together, we can learn and do great things. And oh do we have great things in store for 2017-2018! We hope you'll stay along for the ride!

Kelly Ellis, Head of School


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