VOYAGERS - January 2018

What have you enjoyed learning about this month?

“I like math because it is fun when your teacher is with you and you take your time. I like multiplying.” - Aiden “I enjoyed when we did decimals because it was fun to learn and very interesting.” - Joseph “I liked learning to be a better reader and now I am more engaged in books.” - Adrionna “I liked everything. I’ve learned how to write better.” - Lilikoi “I enjoyed learning about the Chinook Tribe." - Gus & Maris

What project did you like working on?

“I liked the popsicle stick houses. It was really fun and enjoyable. Even though it wasn’t (freely) creative, I had a lot of fun.” - Kai “I liked the popsicle houses because we got to design most of it.” - Kayla “I liked doing the popsicle houses. It was really fun.” - Gus “My favorite project was the flag because I didn’t get to do some of the projects because I was in Hawaii.” - Audrey “I liked working on the popsicle houses because I liked learning how to build things.” - Joseph “I liked working on the popsicle sticks because I had to put time into it and I had to focus on it.” - Adrionna “I like the flying project because it was creative and fun.” - Lilikoi “I like the popsicles houses because I was the first one done. I followed the instructions for the first time.” - Wes

What is your favorite thing about NVS?

“My friends because they are nice to me.” - Aiden “I’m thankful for two things. It is really free, we have a forest and we get to run around (at recess) more than other schools. We don’t have homework and I can chill at home and not be stressed.” - Maris “I like NVS because I make lots of friends here and there is big huge forest and we get to run around a lot more.” - Wes “I like the sweet kind teachers.” - Lilikoi “Because we have the forest and get to take nature walks.” - Lilikoi “We don’t have fenced off playgrounds where kids are trapped.” - Joseph “I like pizza lunch and it tastes great. I crave pizza a lot and it makes me excited for Wednesdays.” - Kai “My favorite thing about NVS is the open area outside because when I get crazy I have space to run around.” - Sophie

What is your most memorable moment so far this year?

“My most memorable moment was Spirit Week, it was super awesome.” - Joseph “I liked playing in the bog with Navigators.” - Adrionna “I liked coming back to school with my friends and my teachers and learning new stuff.” - Lilikoi


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