VOYAGERS - November 2017

November is a time to dig deep into intentional thankfulness.

The Voyagers have been challenged to start each morning thinking of something that they are thankful for.

Personally, I could write a list longer than necessary for this blog post. I'm hopeful that most of us can. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Neskowin Valley School. So much so that my alarm is set to let me know when I can stop resting, as my excited mind and body want to start the day far earlier. I am appreciative of the legacy that was passed on to me each time I enter the property. I appreciate the freedom to teach Math, English, History, and Science through an integrated program using Art, Music, Literature, Puzzles, Oregon History, and Nature Study. I am in wonder that in our class of 12 that each student has individual goals, challenges, and success while still forming a class that feels like family. We keep our eye on bettering our best, putting forth an earnest effort, and trying to further our skills every day. While I keep educational standards in mind and am assured that we are exceeding them, the students just know that they enjoy learning every day.

I am overwhelmed at the resources that are in our building and quickly available from our families. Not just books and science kits, but the experiences that are joyfully shared with our students.

Many thanks to you - for your years of support and coming alongside the teaching staff by any means possible. I thank you. ​

Teacher Angie


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