The NVS school garden has been a treasure for the past decade of the school's history. Full of native plants that the watershed council planted to aid in local stream restoration projects, this garden served for many years as an educational platform for our gardens and grounds program. Our students have been so fortunate to learn all about propagation, planning, planting, tending, pruning, harvesting, protecting, etc. The list of opportunities for learning has been endless. 

We are enthusiastically moving into a new season for our garden. The watershed was fortunate to receive an abundance of land where they can grow their native plants and have graciously turned over the garden to the school exclusively. What an incredible opportunity this will be! Last summer our students visited a neighbor's garden and were brimming with excitement over being able to run down rows of vegetables and berries and eat the bounty this garden produces. This is our vision! We are passionate about teaching our kids more about growing and eating healthy local, sustainable foods from our very own garden. Already growing alongside the native plants are raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, some herbs, potatoes, and carrots. Now, with access to the whole garden space, we are envisioning root veggies, beans, peas, tomatoes, a lettuce garden . . . the possibilities are endless! We do know the students are planning for a bean teepee and I've heard many speak about the need for more berries to eat. 

Our vision in creating this magical space is that our students will be able to share the bounty of our harvest with each other during snack time or prepare a salad to share at lunch. We are in the business of education and we believe that educating children about the benefits of healthy eating is a huge step in the right direction. 

This is where you can jump in on the fun! We need donations in all shapes and sizes. Money, of course, is always a huge help. But we have other needs too. Donations of soil, seeds, plant starts, landscaping materials such as landscaping fabric, sand and/or gravel, drainage piping, wood for raised garden beds are all items that would help make our gardening dreams come true. Please consider helping with this incredible project. We are so excited to see an abundant garden full of healthy crops that will feed us for years to come.

Warm Regards,
Kelly Ellis
Head of School

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