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About NVS

Neskowin Valley School's mission is to inspire joyful learning and

to model intellectual curiosity, ethical conduct, and responsibility for each other and the natural world.


Neskowin Valley School is an accredited, independent Preschool-Grade 8 school located in South Tillamook County with a curriculum and environment that foster a desire for lifelong learning. Students benefit from small class sizes, multi-age classes, integration of subject matter, a comprehensive approach to literacy, and individualized, varied approaches to education. NVS values outdoor and experiential learning and place-based projects that immerse students in the extensive natural areas of the Oregon Coast.

The NVS community celebrates the wonder of childhood through song, dance, narrative, artwork, immersion in nature, and both guided and free play. All students experience enrichment opportunities such as art literacy, theater, music, gardening, field trips, and more.

Active participation of parents or guardians in their child’s education assures a more successful experience and is essential to the character of the school. All parents are members of the NVS Family Alliance. This group supports special projects and raises a portion of the operating budget through a variety of fundraising events, such as our annual Harvest Festival.


NVS is committed to

providing a safe, honest,

and respectful space where our community members feel

a sense of belonging,

embrace their unique identities, and thrive.

In support of diversity and equity at NVS, our community members commit to:

  • Respect ourselves, others, and our environment

  • Trust each other to engage in difficult conversations

  • Share our experiences and listen to the experiences of others

  • Learn from different perspectives

  • Acknowledge and examine our biases in an effort to overcome them

  • Invest in the growth and potential of students and adults alike

  • Bring our mission statement to life

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