About NVS

Neskowin Valley School is an independent K-8 school located in South Tillamook County with a curriculum and environment that foster a desire for lifelong learning. NVS enjoys small class sizes, integration of subject matter, hands-on arts and sciences projects, an early, comprehensive approach to literacy, and individualized, varied approaches to learning. The school values outdoor and experiential learning and place-based projects that immerse students in the extensive natural areas of the Oregon Coast. As adults, our alumni lead accomplished, effective, thoughtful, and principled lives.

Neskowin Valley School is an independent school registered with Oregon Department of Education. We receive accreditation through Cognia. The term “independent” refers to schools that are non-profit organizations governed by a board of trustees and are independent of control and funding by any government agency. As such, independent schools are free to establish their own goals and criteria as they plan curriculum and select teachers and students.

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