Building Lifelong Learners!

Neskowin Valley School is an accredited, independent K-8 school located in South Tillamook County with a curriculum and environment that foster a desire for lifelong learning. NVS enjoys small class sizes, integration of subject matter, hands-on arts and sciences projects, an early, comprehensive approach to literacy, and individualized, varied approaches to learning. The school values outdoor and experiential learning and place-based projects that immerse students in the extensive natural areas of the Oregon CoastFind out more about us . . .




“[NVS] taught me to be unique and independent and to be who you are and enjoy the people around you and the nature around you and to express yourself in the way you were meant to.” 

Dana Reddekopp-Hulburt , Alum

“Neskowin Valley School instilled within me a desire to learn. This alone has undoubtedly served me better than anything else learned in grade school. To grow up wanting to learn, thirsting for knowledge, and having fun learning is what grade school is and should be all about.”

Dr. Darren Kowalski, Alum

"McKenzie had been homeschooled since the start of first grade. Neskowin Valley School has provided our child with a safe, nurturing environment to grow academically and socially. Her peers are all kind, accepting, mature yet still harboring a sense of innocence. This is exactly what our child needed. Thank you, Neskowin Valley School.”


Nicole Zook, Parent