Neskowin Valley School enrolls children of diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents. Because we believe a child thrives in a well-chosen learning environment, our admissions process gives time for the school, parents, and student to get to know each other. We consider the child’s learning style, academic interests and needs, and look for qualities that suggest a good fit with our teaching and learning philosophy.


NVS seeks students who exhibit intellectual and creative potential and demonstrate a growing skill for self-directed learning and working harmoniously with others. Admission is granted on the basis of the school’s ability to enhance the growth of the child and the child’s ability to enrich the school community.

Admissions Procedure


Step One:

Complete the Student Enrollment Application Form and pay the new student application fee of $50.   


Step Two:

Contact the school to set up a tour and meeting with the Head of School.

Step Three:

Schedule a follow-up call with the Head of School to discuss admission and acceptance.


Tuition covers only a portion of the actual cost of educating a child at NVS. We make up the difference with parent-run fundraising events, donations to our Annual Fund, and foundation and donor support. Donations allow us to continue providing a dynamic education and we are so thankful to those that give to our programs. Please click here to view our current tuition schedule.


We believe that all students should be able to experience an NVS education. We also recognize that not all families are able to afford to send their child to NVS. To this end, we raise funds specifically for our NVS Scholarship Program. Scholarships vary in size and are based on family need. For information on how to apply click here to be directed to our scholarship page.