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NVS High School

Families with students who graduate eighth grade from NVS have often asked about the possibility of a high school. The question was answered in a manner that explained why we couldn't in terms of what we couldn't provide. We would not have athletic teams, proms, or a typical high school experience. Yet, they still ask! 

It turns out that we have something more valuable to offer than the things that might be missing. NVS has the unique ability to create specific, individualized education plans with each student. We can help students plan and achieve big goals like building businesses, interning in the community, attending community college classes, and coming out of high school ready for the future they envision for themselves. The students would learn not only learn curriculum, but also essential skills such as how to be a creative critical thinker, a resourceful problem solver, a clear communicator, a responsible community member, and a resilient learner.

In a time when safety and mental health are a huge concern, families are searching for something different to help their kids grow into early adulthood. Since NVS has always based education on learning and not on the ebb and flow of educational politics, we are in a great position to fill a void in our community. This school would be the first of its kind in the area and has the potential to become a model of how to provide students with what they need to be successful. 

The NVS High School Steering Committee was established in January 2024 and meets twice a month to discuss the philosophy of education, the purposes of schooling, and to analyze individualized learning models. We are proud to include a committee of teachers, parents, alumni, and an 8th grade student. We have completed our assurances and are excited to announce that NVS will be piloting a High School program in the fall of 2024! 


We are accepting applications for students that are responsible, best served by an open-ended curriculum, willing to engage in self-reflection and collaboration, and who have families that are committed to being involved in their student's educational plan and problem solving throughout the journey. Admission relies on NVS’s ability to support the growth of the student, the potential for the student to enhance the school, and the family's commitment to collaborating with the student, school, and community.

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If this sounds like a good fit for your child and your family, please complete the admission inquiry form below. We look forward to hearing from you!




(open to any high school-aged student and their family)

Oregon Coast Community Education Survey

Calling all coastal business owners, professionals, tradespeople, scientists, artists, neighbors, and residents! This is a one-question survey for everyone on the central Oregon Coast. The purpose of this survey is to collect which traits, skills, and mindsets you value in a High School graduate. We look forward to including our community's perspective in the development of the new NVS High School.

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